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The name 'Periseo' means to 'super-abound', to 'greatly surpass' and to 'excel'. The word indicates that the faithful use of one's talents sets the stage for advancement.

At Periseo we incorporate the essence of our name into every component of our business, thus ensuring the delivery of ethical, quality and value added products and services to you - our customer.

What do we do?

Periseo offers a comprehensive range of services in the particular area of electronic development and consulting. Periseo has developed the Smart Harness range of automotive products, which are currently implemented in the Joule and some military vehicles. From the need to remotely monitor and control parameters for these vehicles Periseo developed a generic remote cellular telemetry platform. This cellular telemetry platform can now be implemented for any remote device monitoring and control applications.

Numerous projects have been successfully developed for companies such as De Beers, Denel, SAAB, Thales, Optimal Energy, etc.

Industries of expertise:

We have extensive experience in the following industries:

• Telecommunication

• Military & Defence

• Aviation

• Agriculture

• Information Technology

• Security

• Mining