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The SH-ECM-0616 is a high current input/output (I/O) device that interconnects via the Controller Area Network (CAN), to other electronic control modules (ECMs) in a vehicle. Multiple ECMs are deployed as standardized interfaces to control various body functions in a vehicle. I/Os can be configured to control and provide power to indicators, wipers, headlights, fans and numerous other loads in the vehicle. The SH ECMs are interchangeable; keeping the harness standardized thus enhancing implementation and maintainability. It may also be deployed as a stand-alone general purpose/special function controller. A sufficient number of ECMs strategically distributed throughout a vehicle, substantially simplifies the wire harness design and eliminates any need for fuse and relay circuits.


  • Continuous total load current up to 70A.
  • Powerful ARM™ Cortex M3 Micro Controller Unit (MCU).
  • Compactness will enable fitment at the load locations.
  • CANbus J1939 compliant port.
  • Continuous diagnostic feedback on the CAN bus.
  • Current limits and trip delays are configurable per individual SH ECM output.
  • Easy fitment, changes, upgrades, expansions.
  • Internal temperature sensing: -40°C to 125°C, ±2°C.
  • Inrush current active management.
  • Considerable reduction in electrical wiring and installation time.
  • Output channels can be combined (paralleled) to meet the increased current requirement.
  • Accurate voltage and current measurements/ feedback on each output channel.
  • Optimized EMC.
  • Rapid short circuit and over temperature protection of the module, loads and wiring.
  • Thermal shut down.
  • Over voltage clamp.
  • Electrostatic discharge protection.
  • Robust die-cast aluminium enclosure: IP67 compliant.
  • Suited for extreme vibration and mechanical shock environments.


  • Vehicle body control functions.
  • General purpose automotive.
  • Industrial automation.


  • Six configurable inputs.
  • Sixteen configurable highside driver outputs (70A total).
  • Operating voltage: 10VDC to 36VDC.
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +85°C.
  • Reverse polarity protection up to 100VDC.
  • MIL-STD-1275 Version D compliant.
  • Physical size (mm): 155 x 115 x 46 (W x L x H).
  • Mass: 0.54kg.

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