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Marcé Fire Fighting Technology

The company, Marcé Fire Fighting Technology, contracted Periseo to develop a Controller suitable to control various monitor (water turret) models developed by them. These monitors are used in a range of fire fighting vehicles like the Rhino 6x6 ARFF and various smaller vehicles.



The Marcé Monitor Controller (MMC) is a build variant of an Electronic Controller Unit (ECU) that is part of Periseo’s well established SmartHarness™ family of automotive ECU products. The ECU was enhanced to interface to additional input measuring devices such as 4-20mA sensors and RS422 Rotary Encoders. Additional Built in Test (BIT) functionality and enhancements to the four 10A H-Bridge Motor drivers were also implemented.

The MMC is able to respond to a range of stimuli and instructions via multiple input channels and a CAN-bus communication channel. These include sensors and user inputs via a joystick, a touch screen and switches. The actions performed via the output channels allows the Controller to perform the functions according to the user requirements. The MMC was designed to function in harsh environments like that present in fire trucks, military and mining vehicles or any other industrial and automotive applications.

Marcé Monitor Controller (MMC)

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  • Start date: Monday, 24 July 2017
  • Due Date: Friday, 28 July 2017
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Progress: 0%
  • Resource: Arrie

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