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About Us

Periseo offers a comprehensive range of services in the area of electronic engineering and consulting. Periseo provides fully-integrated electronic design and manufacturing solutions to assist you in achieving success in your market Sector.

Founded in 1999, our history is full of product innovation and product development successes. We take your product ideas and create a fully integrated design solution – including all aspects of requirements analysis, specification, mechanical design, electronics design, software development, rapid prototyping and pre-production prototyping. Periseo designs products ready for manufacture, with manufacturing data-packs.

Periseo engineers work closely with the customers to ensure product development and prototyping is aligned with customer needs. Transfer of manufacturing to third-party manufacturing plants are also managed seamlessly for the customer.

Our Team

Periseo have an experienced group of technology experts and engineers to support and assist our current and future clients with all their product development needs





Our History

The name 'Periseo' means to 'super-abound', to 'greatly surpass' and to 'excel'. The word indicates that the faithful use of one's talents sets the stage for advancement. At Periseo we incorporate the essence of our name into every component of our business, thus ensuring the delivery of ethical, quality and value-added products and services to you - our customer.

Periseo was started in 1999 by two founders Johan van de Vyver and Dawid Janse van Vuuren. The company was initially situated at the TUT and used the facilities of the TUT. In collaboration with F'Satie various funded research and development projects were executed. in collaboration with F'Satie Periseo involved students for training purposes on projects.Many of these students became employees

F’SATIE based at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT)

Our Commitment

At PERISEO taking responsibility is part of our culture. It is important for us to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our values, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner. This commitment is embedded at every level of our organization – from our management team, which implements a responsible and ethical business culture down to the individual employee.

The importance of ethical business practices with statutory provisions and internal codes of conduct is recognized as fundamental at PERISEO. We support a culture of ethics, integrity and compliance by preventing, detecting and resolving any issues of non-compliance and business misconduct as well as providing compliance-related business advice to all of our employees. Guided by principles of transparency and integrity, we are a honest and reliable partner for our stakeholders.

Physical Address

Periseo (Pty) Ltd

Livorno Suite, Il Villaggio

5 De Havilland Crescent

Persequor Park


South Africa

Postal Address

P.O. Box 8

Persequor Park

Pretoria, 0020

South Africa

Contact Details

Tel: +27 12 349 5262

Fax: +27 12 349 5264