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Smart Vehicle Harness

The next generation body function control - a revolutionary approach to the vehicle harness.

Periseo’s SmartHarness™ Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) utilised in a distributed network system (CANbus), serves as a design-time alternative to conventional wiring harnesses with fuse and relay boxes/panels in a vehicle. This drastically reduces the complexity and cost while also drastically increasing reliability and versatility. Complex high level functionality is easily configurable and reconfigurable without in depth programming experience. Configurable functionality ranges from simple switching functions, setting current trip levels and other trip behaviour through to complex decision-based functions required in modern vehicles.

These products are manufactured with care and stringently tested to meet military standards. During the equipment integration phase of each new vehicle range, designed to use our products, Periseo provide professional support to our customers in order to cut cost incurred during the integration and test phase.

Adaptations of existing products and development of new products will be considered based on the business opportunities being leveraged.

The SmartHarness™ product range is continually improved and expanded. The current range include:

The SmartHarness Control Module 3224 (SH-ECM-3224),

functionality include:

  • 2 CANbus ports,
  • 32 configurable inputs,
  • 16 highside outputs,
  • 8 high-/lowside outputs (h-bridge drivers) with a
  • total continuous current capability of 80 ampere.
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The SmartHarness Control Module 0616 (SH-ECM-0616),

functionality include:

  • 1 CANbus port,
  • 6 configurable inputs,
  • 16 highside outputs with a
  • total continuous current capability of 70 ampere
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The SmartHarness Control Module 1612 (SH-ECM-1612),

functionality include:

  • 2 CANbus ports
  • 16 configurable inputs,
  • 12 highside outputs with a
  • total continuous current capability of 70 ampere.
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The SmartHarness Control Module 0610 (SH-ECM-0610),

functionality include:

  • 1 CANbus port,
  • 6 configurable inputs,
  • 10 highside outputs with a
  • total continuous current capability of 30 ampere.
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The SmartHarness Control Module 0305 (SH-ECM-0305),

functionality include:

  • 1 CANbus port,
  • 3 configurable inputs,
  • 5 highside outputs with a
  • total continuous current capability of 50 ampere.
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The SmartHarness Transient Voltage Suppressor
1275 (SH-TVS-1275),

protects electrical equipment and systems in land vehicles against over-voltage occurrences typically caused by load dump conditions.

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The SmartHarness Power Distribution Unit 250A (SH-PDU-250A-14),

is a high current Solid State Power Controller (SSPC) functioning as a power management unit in vehicles.
It’s functionality includes:

  • 1 CANbus port,
  • 6 configurable inputs,
  • 14 highside outputs with a
  • total continuous current capability of 250A,
  • a transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) that ensures full protection of this unit and connected downstream equipment against transient over voltage conditions like ‘load dump’ and high voltage ‘spike’ occurrences, as described in MIL-STD-1275D.
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The SmartHarness™ system is suitable for use in a wide spectrum of vehicle types, ranging from military, mining and public transport vehicles to industrial and earthmoving equipment. This simplistic harness is compact, easy to install and maintain, while harness design changes could be implemented with ease. Maintenance is simplified due to the system's built-in diagnostic capability and standardised components for all vehicle types.

Key Features

  • CAN (communications) network (CANbus J1939-2)
  • Peer to peer Electronic Control Modules (ECMs)
  • Distributed ECMs (at load points)
  • Internal Accelerometer 3 Axis, ±2g, 4g, 8g
  • Internal Temperature Sensing, -40°C to 125°C, ±2°C
  • Ingress protection, compliant with IP67
  • Ease of installation/expansion/maintenance
  • Considerable reduction in electrical wiring
  • Considerable reduction in installation time
  • Increased reliability
  • Easy high level configuration
  • Output channels may be combined (paralleled) to meet increased current requirement
  • Accurate voltage and current measurements/feedback on each output channel

A simplified harness that performs complex vehicle body control functions

The SmartHarness™ intelligent harness system is a four-wire network that consists of a number of SmartHarness Electronic Control Modules (SH ECMs) installed at strategic locations in a vehicle, to provide the various body control functions. The network interconnects all SH ECMs via two communication wires (CANbus) and a power bus feed, resulting in much-simplified, light-weight and short localised wiring looms.

The SH ECM outputs are solid state switches and are connected to perform body control functions (i.e. brake light, indicator, wiper motor, headlight, etc.), keeping the wiring to each function to a minimum length. An SH ECM unit will, for instance, be configured to link the dash functions to the appropriate remotely wired SH ECMs’ outputs.

The SmartHarness™ system is adaptable to suit various applications. It is expandable by simply adding additional functions to available SH ECMs’ inputs/outputs, or by adding additional SH ECMs. A graphical user interface, in the form of a touch screen can be incorporated to monitor and control the harness and body functions, providing for real-time status feedback to the driver.

SmartHarness™ Benefits

  • No body function fuse box required
  • No timer relays or wiper control circuitry required
  • Resettable electronic ‘fuses’
  • Short circuit and over temperature protection of the unit, loads and wiring.
  • Current limits configurable per SH ECM output
  • Capable to perform in extreme vibration and mechanical shock environments
  • Designed for chassis mount applications
  • Ease of installation, maintenance and expansion
  • Standardized harness components
  • Customizable vehicle body control functions
  • Status feedback to vehicle driver
  • Lower installer/maintenance skills levels required
  • Harness compatible to all vehicle types
  • Ease of adapting to new/changed body control functions
  • Lightweight four-wire system
  • Improves road safety by real-time fault reporting
  • CAN port i.e. interfacing to CANbus J1939 protocol
  • Optional user interface
  • PC-based configuration software

Additional Info

  • Start date: Monday, 24 July 2017
  • Due Date: Friday, 28 July 2017
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Progress: 0%
  • Resource: Arrie

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